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4 Things That Make a Man Lose Interest in a Woman


In this article, we are going to present you the four scenarios that can make a man lose fascination with his girl. Though these behaviours were what men whined about, neither s*x should show these approaches.

1. Erratic behaviour, indecisive

It is totally ordinary and normal to have a little indecision. Maybe it is a bad thing when a girl certainly cannot make a decision, as in every position their behavior is frenzied and unpredictable. In that way, their views and dispositions always change and that can be confusing their partner. Men can’t be together with a flaky and unreliable woman. He may try to do his best about understanding that, but later, if it does not show results, he may give up, lose interest and get discouraged.

2. Driving change, being crucial

What can be a serious reason for the difficulties that happen in a relationship is when the girl desires to change drastically her partner’s behavior, and even his financial status. So, in that case, the man has the impression that he is not good enough. And, if he does something that is right, he fails. So, when a man is with a girl that has this kind of approach, the relationship can be in serious danger.

No one can live quite long with the feeling that he/she is completely worthless.

Striving to inspire or shove your partner to show their best self is a fantastic goal to have, but you will be completely wrong when you are making him into something that he is not. A fast way for the man to lose interest is when never accentuating the great and just pointing out the bad that he does. Unfortunately, this kind of behaviour often becomes a habit in women and they are even not aware about that.

3. Being insecure

There is no a men on the planet that can withstand a girl that has never-ending bouts of jealousy and insecurities. Your relationship will be weakened if your girl booties into your business, doesn’t trust you anything and plays the victim all the time. It is not easy to manage daily demonstrations of low self-esteem and pity. This things make the man to lose interest in his girl.

4. Being controlling

On the top of the list when it comes to what men don’t like most, are the bossy girls, as they are girls that always want to take control of everything, always are dead set on their opinions and are too heavy to handle. They also care about everything too much and always have a solution. The highway’ approach or a ‘my manner’ does’t permit any type of teamwork with your partner. Bossy girls are considered as controlling and very negative.

They become tyrants, as their need to control the partner gets out of control, and ends in failure, as the guys lose their interest in them.

So, you should take a minute and if you feel that your guy may be loosing interest in you, think twice, as it may happens because of your behaviour. So, if this is the problem, having a dialogue about it may be a very good way of solving it, before it’s too late. Don’t act this way, in order not to lose your partner’s interest. Be alert to your behaviors and talk things out.

Source: http://healthyfoodblog.net