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Which Are The 20 Most Common And Ignored Cancer Symptoms?


There are a lot of routine tests and examinations that can indicate cancer, but you should just rely on them. Another more important thing is to pay attention to the unexplainable, odd and strange things that happen to your body in recent period.

In this article we are going to present you the 20th cancer symptoms which almost every women ignores:

Changes in nails

If something strange happens to your finger nails, you should not just ignore it, because in tat way, several types of cancer can be indicated. Those strange things on your nails can be black or brown streak, a dot under your nails indicating skin cancer and white or pail nails, indicating liver cancer.

Pain in the lower right side or back

These symptoms and conditions have been experienced by patients diagnosed with liver cancer. They can also be a breast cancer indicator.

Swelling of facial features

If you notice redness, swelling or puffiness on your face, you should visit doctor immediately, because you may have lung cancer, as it prevents the blood to flow from the face and head.

A skin lump that is bleeding easily, becomes crusty or doesn’t heal

If you have some strange spots or growths on your body, you should check it from time to time, because they can be symptoms for melanoma-skin cancer.

Nipple changes

Indicators for breast cancer can be some changes in the nipples, like they appear inverted, flattened or turned sideways.

Bleeding between periods or painful and heavy periods

If you notice something strange in your period, visit a doctor as soon as possible because this can be an indicator for uterine or endometrial cancer.

Upset stomach or stomach cramps

This symptoms may be indicators for colorectal cancer.

Swollen, sore or red breasts

Every time you notice something strange happening to your breasts, don’t ignore it because it may be an indicator for breasts cancer.

Blood in stool and rectal bleeding

After noticing these kind of symptoms, visit your doctor immediately, because they can be indicators for colorectal cancer.

Sudden and unexplained weight loss

This kind of problem should be never ignored, because it can be an indicator for color or liver cancer.

Unable to eat, feeling full

The patients diagnosed with ovarian cancer, have reported that they could not eat for a longer period of time, because they have no appetite, and that’s why they didn’t consumed any food.

Abdominal or pelvic pain

This is another symptom for ovarian cancer, but it can also indicate leukemia.


If you are tired all the time without doing any physical activity, is very strange, so you should visit your doctor as soon as possible, because this can be an indicator for several types of cancer.

Abdominal weight gain or bloating
This can be another symptom for ovarian cancer.

Lump on the underarm, neck or groin or swollen lymph nodes

Some modifications in the lymphatic system can be another sign of cancer.

Bleeding that does not stop or excessive bruising

This kind of condition tries to warn you that something unusual is happening to your red blood cells, and it can be an indicator for leukemia.

Infections or frequent fevers
This is another symptom of leukemia.

Difficulty swallowing

This is one of the earliest throat and lung cancer symptoms.

Shortness of breath or wheezing

As well as the previous one, this is another early symptom for lung cancer.

Chest pain or chronic cough

Bronchitis and bad cough can be symptoms for lung cancer and leukemia. Also, chest pain is another warning sign for lung cancer.