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12 Dangerous Bedtime Habits That You Should Always Avoid!


In this article, we are going to present you the 12 things that you may want to avoid at night, especially if you suffer from a lack of sleep.

1. You should stop drinking before bed time. If you will beverage water within 1-2 hours of sleeping, you will have to wake up 2-3 times and go to bathroom.

2. You should avoid the routine of sleeping at any time of the day, and instead make a reliable routine and time of your sleeping. In that way your brain will be prepared accordingly.

3. Keep every electronic thing away from you before going to sleep. In the moment when you continue using Facebook before going to bed, the brightness of your PC screen will fortify your brain and will disturb your rest as well.

4. If reading around evening time, before going to bed is your habit, you should start avoiding it. Instead, read your book a little bit earlier, and after that keep it aside. You should never bring your book with you when you are planning to sleep.

5. Avoid using some alarm bright clocks, as it likewise fortify your brain and will make sleeping complicated for you. Instead, use some alarm clocks having dimmer numbers.

6. Never look for more expensive mattress. As a high – quality one will make your rest more comfortable and this will also keep you fresh and sound. So, this is one reason more for using good mattress.

7. It is recommended to have your supper no less than 2 hours before bed time. When you sleep with full stomach, your body may keep you awake, because of some digestion process.

8. Doing some exercise, makes you fresh and lively, so it is not recommended doing it before sleep. So quit practicing 3 hours before sleep time.

9. When your feet are some kind of icy, they will make it very difficult for you to fall asleep. So, in order to make your feet warm, try using some heating pad or socks.

10. You should make your body mindful about night time and sleep. Start using a schedule, go to the bathroom, brush your teeth and wash your face. Then your body will prepare itself for rest.

11. Less than 4 hours before sleep and rest, you should not drink cappuccino. The reason for this is because the caffeine fortifies your body and makes you feel fresh. So, instead of taking it in the evening when you need to sleep, take it in moments when you have to be awake.

12. Make yourself comfortable in the best sleeping position and you will abstain yourself from having sore back and shoulder or even neck when you wake up. Instead on your stomach and back, try sleeping on your side.

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