Lice are a typical issues among the young people. In USA there are 6 to 14 million kids that suffer from this problem very year.

Lice are creepy crawlies which grow quickly and create bothering in the scalp. There are a lot of medicines and medications for getting rid of them, but we will also present you some compelling normal medications which can also help you:

Olive or almond oil

You will need to coat the hair with one of these oils and use clasps to partition the hair

in littler segments. Use a brush dunked in boiling point water on the hair. After that clean

it and rub it completely with a towel. Also, repeat the procedure every day for one week.

Fundamental oils

The following oils have the ability to wipe out lice: nutmeg, red thyme, cinnamon, clove,

eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender oil. You will need to blend 15 to 20 drops of any of

this oils alongside 2 oz. of olive and after that apply it on the scalp. Let it stay and act

overnight and the next morning brush and clean your hair two times.

Coconut oil or Vaseline

Choose one of this two, apply it on your hair and cover it with shower top. After 12 or 24

hours, clean it and after that cover it with shower top again, for 60 minutes, flush it with

water. After that apply basil leave squeeze on the head. Then brush your hair and apply

cleanser, then cover it again with a shower top and let it overnight. the next morning you

will need to wash it.

Nit brush

For young children, less than 2 years old, you will need to use a nit brush. You will also

need to utilize a cleanser and conditioner as well as fine – toothed brush two times a

day. For better and ideal results, repeat the exercise 3 to 4 days.

Neem oil

The neem oil is a characteristic bug spray which helps in the counteractive action of the

development of lice. For that purpose, look for a cleanser that contains neem oil or just

include a few tablespoons of it in your own cleanser. After some time passes, you will

get an excellent and ideal results.

Lime juice and garlic

First take from 8 to 10 cloves of garlic and pound them. Later blend them together with

2 -3 tablespoons of the lime juice. After the mixture is made, apply it in the scalp and give it a chance to represent 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, wash your hair with warm water.

Repeat this procedure week after week for 3 to 3 months.

White vinegar and child oil

Brush out the lice by applying the oil n your hair. After the application of oil, clean your

hair and wash it with warm water. After that, apply the vinegar and cover it with a

shower top. Let it overnight and the next morning cleanser once again.

Sesame seed oil

This oil has common insecticidal, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Make a mixture

or 1/4 measure of sesame seed oil and a few drops of neem, rosemary, lavender and

eucalyptus oil. You should flush the hair with apple juice vinegar, and the mixture should

be then added on the scalp. After applying it, cover it with a shower top and let it

overnight. The next morning, brush your hair with a specific end goal in order to

evacuate the dead lice. Than cleanser the hair and use a towel in order to rub it.

Hair dryer

The hair dryer can be very powerful in evacuating nits and lice. It can straightforwardly

evacuate 98% of the nits and 55% lice. After every showering, blow dry your hair using

a high warmth. But be careful in not using this technique on kids. Likewise, don’t you

ever blow dry your hair on the off chance that you use chemicals.

Hair styling gel

Use this kind of gels in order to coat out the hair and cover it with a shower top. Let it overnight and wash it the next morning. Use a brush in order to evacuate the dead lice. For better results, repeat the treatment week by week.