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Only 1 Tablespoon Of This Can Empty Your Bowel In Just 2 Minutes!


With the lifestyle that we all have nowadays, a lot of people suffer from congestion and stomach swelling. Our bowel needs to be emptied every day, so it will work properly. People say that you are what you eat and we must agree with that what we see.

Our digestive system is one very delicate and complicated mechanism, and it makes the process of digestion complicated as well. If it gets impaired, our body can’t get essential nutrients and as a result of it, our health may deteriorate.

When our digestion gets negatively affected, some toxic substances may accumulate in our body and they can also cause a lot of serious health problems. This is why it is important to maintain a healthy and proper diet, as well as do a complete body cleaning at least two times in the year. In this way, the accumulation of toxins in the body, as well as some other unwanted problems can be prevented.

Here, we will present you one great body detox mixture which will empty your bowels in 2 minutes time.
Needed ingredients:

– 150 gr. of plums;
– 150 gr. of dates;
– 5 cups of boiling water.

Preparation and use:

The process of preparation of this remedy is very simple. First, boil the water in a pot and then add the plums and the dates, once it reaches the boiling point. Simmer the mixture for another 15 minutes and then remove it from the heat. Leave it to cool down.

You should take one tablespoon of this powerful mixture every morning, on empty stomach, so you will feel much better soon. This mixture will help you in getting rid of a lot of digestive problems like constipation, and will also improve the digestion because of its high fiber content.

Source: http://houseofhealthyfood.com