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Yoga Pose That Cures Anxiety


When your body is upside-down you actually enhance the blood supply to the brain cells. That will reduce your stress, concerns and anxiety.

We guarantee that you will fill much better if you devote minimum of 5 minutes’ time on this exercise. When you feel the benefits you will do it longer and more often for sure.


How to Do it:

  1. Sit near the wall, making your left side parallel to the wall on your left-hand side and rest your knees on your chest.
  2. Your lower back should lie on the floor.
  3. Then, straighten your legs in a way that they can rest on the wall, by stretching out the knees.
  4. Retain the upper part of your body straight and strong, supporting it with your elbows.
  5. Then, relax the lower back and the elbows gently, letting them rest on the ground.
  6. Title your elbows inwards, so that they can support your body, and push it upwards to a vertical line (as shown in the picture).
  7. Take deep breath, staying in that posture, close your eyes, and wait until you feel totally calm and revitalized.
  8. To stop, just bring the knees back down to the chest and turn to your right.