Wi-Fi Passwords From Airports Around The World In One Brilliant Map

Killing time before your flight can be a serious and boring thing. But, nowadays, traveling had just become less painful, because of the amazing Wi-Fi maps on the airports.


Anil Polat, travel blogger and computer security engineer, clearly understands the problem of sitting in an airport, waiting for the flight and no free Wi-Fi connection.

So, an idea came to his mind and he created a handy interactive map, for people waiting on the airport, so they could easily find out the Wi- Fi passwords.

The map is regularly updated by Polat, and it includes the Wi-Fi passwords and locations of a lots of airports in the whole world. As you click on the airport, you receive some specific directions, such as where to sit for better access of the Wi-Fi connection as well as some instructions for inputting the password.

So, you will need to say goodbye to those pesky mobile data charges and weak hot spot connections and say hi to the convenient reality of the free airport Wi-Fi.


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