The Way You Hug Your Partner Says About The Relationship

We have all heard and know about body language, as well as how important it is to understand its concept.

One professor named Mehrabian, combined the statistical results of the two studies and came up with one now famous and famously misused rule that communication is only 7% verbal, and the other 93% is non – verbal. The non – verbal component was made up of body language, about 55% and tone voice of voice about 38%.

When we are talking about relationships, hugging the partner can say a lot of different things about the person and how he/she actually feels about her/his partner.

1. Wrapping your arms around their waist

When you partner wraps his/her hands around your waist, it means that he/she is trying to show you that he/she protects you. When your partner hugs you like this, you start feeling some comfort and security.

2. Putting your hand in their pocket

When your partner puts his/her hands in your pocket, it means that you will start feeling peaceful and calm around this person.

3. Looking directly at them

When you are gazing into the eyes of your partner, it is a sign that you have managed to create a true and genuine bond. When you hug each other, while you gaze into the eyes of your partner, it is beyond physical feeling. It means that your souls are connected with each other.

4. Rubbing their back while hugging

When your partner gives you a hug while rubbing your back, it means that he/she tries to give you comfort. Your partner is trying to tell you that he/she actually cares for you a lot. This is a person who you can tell your problems and difficulties. Moreover, you can also listen to theirs problems.

5. Keeping some distance while hugging

When people keep a distance while they hug, it is a sign of disagreements or maybe insecurity. If the person is not much familiar to you, it may not be a bad thing, but there are also situations in which you don’t have the desire to hug that person.

6. Giving a pat on the back while hugging

This type of hug signifies a sign of friendship. On the other hand, the individual that hugs you does not want intimacy. This is a type of hug which usually happens with friends, as well as with people we don’t know each other very well.


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