Warning To All Parents: Fidget Spinners Are More Dangerous Than You Think!

Until recently, it was not known what Fidget Spinners are, and nowadays, there are a lot of warnings for parents whose children have them, and are also younger than 10 years.

Namely, this is the age limit which is considered permissible for this toy, which is now mega popular.

What we know about this toy is that it is designed to help children who have ADHD, in order to calm down and get rid of stress, and it also helps them to concentrate. So, now this is also the option of parents whose children became infatuated with them.

Nowadays, almost every child has this toy, as they are now available at every step, as well as at different prices, unusual models, with lights or without. But the main problem about Fidget Spinners actually is the hole in which, depending of the model, children can stuck their finger in.

Such warning has appeared several days ago, on different social networks with a photograph of a child’s finger stuck in the hole. On the photograph we can see that the finger injury is clearly visible, and the toy cannot be removed from the finger without any intervention.

Source: http://www.tophealthylife.com

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