Ovarian cancer or also known as the “silent killer” is one of the deadliest diseases among women. You are probably wondering why it is called like that, so we will explain you: Its symptoms are very hard to notice in early stage, because they seem like routine or normal menstrual symptoms.

American Cancer Society stated that 70 to 80% of women diagnosed with advanced or late stage of ovarian cancer died and that only 20 to 30% are still alive 5 years later.

The reason for all this is because today there are still no good routine screening tests in order to diagnose the ovarian cancer in early stage. The chances for surviving it are very low because it is usually diagnosed in its advanced stage.

The early symptoms that can actually really be noticed are a few and some of them are feeling of lower abdominal bloating or feeling of fullness or mild congestion in the pelvis. Both of this symptoms can also be normal menstrual symptoms. Another fact related to this disease is that with the age, the risk of developing it increases.

If you notice some of this symptoms and they are new and unexplained and also last more then 14 days, you should visit a doctor immediately and get a complete pelvic exam. If the doctor says that we should not take the symptoms seriously and also don’t do anything, don’t listen to him,just ask for the tests. If you notice some unexpected and unexplained symptoms, don’t wait.

When you go to your doctor, ask him to make you a check of any abnormal growths as well as pelvic ultrasound because that is the best way to do a pelvic exam. Another recommended thing is doing a blood test and CT Scan.

There is another way for confirming the diagnoses, and that is exploratory surgery. You should request the most experienced and specialized surgeon.

A family history of ovarian, breasts and colorectal cancers could be some of the factors that can increase the risk of it.

In the list below we are going to mention the symptoms of ovarian cancer, and while you read pay attention, because one day if you notice some of them, you should not ignore it because it may save your life. They can also be symptoms of some other diseases, but don’t ignore them.

Symptoms of ovarian: 



-Low back pain;

-Persistent gas or indigestion;

-Pain with s*xual activity;

-Increased frequency of urination;

-Pelvic pain or discomfort;

-Increase in the size of your abdomen, clothes fitting tighter around your hips and waist;

-Losing appetite, or feeling full quickly after eating;

-Abdominal bloating and pressure.


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