Unbelievable Story – 101 Old Grandmother Gives Birth After Ovarian Transplantation

Anatolia Vertadella was the woman that on 101 years old, had a transplantation of her ovary, and after having this transplantation, she gave a birth. She is actually the woman who is the oldest mother of a baby.

Her transplantation was made in one hospital in Turkey.

She admitted in tears that she was thankful to the whole team of doctors who decided to do this illegal thin, and go on with the operation.

She was also very thankful for her 17th kid, saying that it was a blessing.

She was feeling useless to God for a long time. She could not reproduce since she was 48, as she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

For many years she felt that God was punishing her for only having 16 kids, but in his holy generosity, once again, he has given her fertility.

This is a decision which the woman made and the doctors also thought that it was a good idea, despite the fact that it was an illegal procedure.

Source: http://www.baby-kids-parents.com

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