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Unbelievable! Castor Oil and Baking Soda Can Treat More Than 24 Health Problems!


Due to their proven efficiency, there are so many healing methods and natural remedies, used for a long periods. Every day, a new, powerful and highly effective folk remedy is revealed, so this makes people to turn to the nature and search for relief from different health problems.

There is one such remedy that can treat 24 different issues, and it only needs  castor oil and baking soda. It is a remedy that is truly incredible and highly beneficial, with wide range of application.

Baking soda has the ability to neutralize toxins and irritants on the surface of our skin, and in that way it also helps in relieving minor skin irritation and itching. Another use of it is for neutralizing stomach acid, it also helps in relieving indigestion, heartburn, as well as ulcer pain.

Castor oil has been recommended by holistic medicine, in order to treat various illnesses, which are often are resistant to conventional therapies.

Castor oil, according to one doctor, named William A. McGarey, has been used and proven efficient for treating the following symptoms:

– For getting rid of warts completely, by rubbing castor oil on them regularly for at least 4 weeks;

– In order to cure cataracts, every night before going to bed, drop one drop of castor oil;

– In order to provide pain relief and much faster healing of your strained ankle, wrap it with a castor oil coating and allow it to act overnight;

– Apply castor oil regularly in order to treat pilonidal cyst;

– For getting rid of moles, you will need to apply castor oil on them for 3 to 4 weeks regularly;

– It can also help you to soothe bee stings and the swelling resulting from them;

– To relieve allergies, consume 5 drops of castor oil every morning when you wake up;

– It is also helpful for preventing eye allergies, by applying it on the eyelids every time before going to bed;

– It can accelerate the healing process of cuts and bruises;

– In order to eliminate calcium deposits, you will need to massage your soles with castor oil.

– Another condition which can be very effectively treated with castor oil is hepatitis;

– Apply some castor oil coating on your feet regularly, in order to eliminate fungal infections;

– Tinnitus can be also successfully treated by consuming 6 to 8 drops of castor oil orally over a period of 4 months;

– Place castor oil coatings on the abdominal area and treat hyperactivity;

– Massage your skin with castor oil during pregnancy, in order to prevent the appearance of stretch marks;

– In order to improve your hearing, put a few drops of castor oil in your ears;

– To soothe chronic diarrhea, use some castor oil coatings on your abdominal area;

– What can help in the treatment of skin cancer is a combination of castor oil and baking soda;

– Do regular massaging on your scalp, with castor oil for 20 minutes before washing your hair, in order to stimulate hair growth;

– It can be also helpful in treating nicotine addiction, by just consuming a several drops of it on a daily basis;

– The application of castor oil coatings on your stomach can help in the treatment of snoring in just two weeks’ time;

– Use castor oil coatings, at least once a week and you will relieve lower back pain;

– For treating the ugly and unpleasant dark spots on your face, make a combination of castor oil and baking soda and apply it;

– Vocal cord nodules and chronic hoarseness can be treated with regular application of castor oil coatings on the neck area.

How to prepare castor oil coatings?

Castor oil is also used as coatings, because it helps in increasing circulation. So, in order to prepare this natural remedy, you will need the following:

– cold pressed castor oil;

– plastic foil;

– a bottle with hot water;

– clean gauze;

– a towel.

What is also important is to cleanse your skin with a baking soda solution, before and after using the castor oil coating.


First you will need to heat some cold pressed castor oil and soak a gauze in it, and be careful, because the gauze should not drip. After that, place the gauze on the affected area and cover it with some plastic foil. Also, place a bottle with hot water over it and wrap with a clean towel. Lie down and relax, letting the coating to act for at least one hour.

You can use castor oil coatings for 40 days, but you should make sure that you add enough amount of castor oil before each new use.

And remember that you should always heat the coating before use. Prepare a new coating if the smell or the colour of the coating has changed.

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