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This Tiny, Yet Disturbing Creature Resides In Your Body, And You Won’t Believe In Which Part Exactly… Take Measures To Protect Yourself!


Nowadays, there is a huge number of microorganisms and bacteria that enter into our body on a daily basis.

Although most of them are not dangerous for our health, there are some of them that can be malignant.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about a tiny creature that can live on your face and feed on it as well, for a long period, but you won’t ever notice it.

Demodex is a type of microscopic mite, which is very similar to a spider, and his area of living can be our face.

There it breeds, feeds and dies as well. You may think that in order to get rid of it, you will only need a good facial soap, but the truth about that is not just that easy.

Despite the fact that the word “mite” may remind you of a malignant microorganisms, Demodex is actually not like that.

It is barely 0,4 mm wide and the pores an follicles on our head are another place where this tiny mite can be found.

This tiny mite feeds on secretions and dead skin as well, and it also possesses small claws and a structure in the form of a needle, that allows it to exert the function of mouth with which it feeds on the cells of our skin.

This can also sound strange and unbelievable for you, but there are actually two types of Demodex that can survive on our face: the folliculorum and the Demodex brevis.

Both of them are arthropods, or said in other words, the belong to the group of animals that have articulated legs, such as the insects and crabs.

The reason why they look like spiders, is because they are their closest relatives.

When observed through a microscope, this type of mite has eight short, chubby legs, which are near to his head and its body is elongated like a worm.

Also, if you pay more attention to its movement, it looks like it is swimming over an oily surface.

That’s why we can say that they don’t move very fast and also don’t travel to very long distances.

Maybe this species is not a great danger for our health, but sometimes, some people can suffer from a skin condition called rosacea, because of their presence, as it mainly affects our face. The most common symptoms of this skin issue are red spots on the face that are accompanied with irritation.

But, according to some recent studies, it has been proven that Dermodex is related with this type of symptoms, but it is not the one that provokes them.