Throw Away Your Glasses! Only Using This One Ingredient Will Help You Increase Your Vision By 97%!

Most of the people today deal with damaged eyesight or poor vision. Glasses and contact lenses that are used to improve your vision are very advanced and helpful but they only cheat the eye and never actually improve the vision.

There is an all natural recipe that can help you get rid of your glasses in only a couple of weeks and it will restore your eyesight to normal.

For this remedy you will need only 1 ingredient and that is organic saffron. According to Silvia Bisti, a scientist, saffron can stop the deterioration of the eyesight and improve our vision.

To prepare this recipe you will need organic saffron. The amount of saffron you will need depends on the brand/source you use (powder, liquid, raw etc.)

First, heat the water and then add the saffron. Sweeten with some organic honey. Drink this saffron tea 3 times daily.

Besides improving your vision, saffron will also clean your blood, regulate the triglyceride and cholesterol levels, improve your blood circulation and treat arthritis.



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