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They Thought This 5-Year-Old Girl Has A Tumor, Until They Shockingly Discovered That She Is Pregnant (VIDEO)


Lina Medina was a normal kid, born on September 27, in 1933 in Ticrapo, Peru. But one day everything has changed. During the period when she was five years old, her parents have noticed that Lina’s stomach was growing abruptly in size and that she was becoming mature enough.

There was no other explanation for Lina’s state, so they took her to the doctor, thinking that it is a tumor. What they heard there was not that she has tumor, but that she is seven months pregnant. The doctors were also shocked because they were not seeing this type of conditions on little girls everyday. The doctors immediately took x-rays of her uterus to confirm it and studied her hormones. Another more shocking thing was that she had a regular period which has suddenly stopped. After all this discoveries, she was taken into a hospital in Lima, Peru.

In 1939, on 14th of May, she gave birth to a baby boy, but because her pelvis didn’t had enough space for delivering the baby, the doctors did a C – section. The baby was 6 pounds, which is very normal. This made Lina to be the youngest mother in the whole world. She named her son after the doctor, Gerardo.

Another thing that doctors noticed, during the surgery was that the girl actually had developed mammary glands and s*xual organs, which was a condition known as precocious puberty’’. And now, you are probably asking yourself about the baby’s father. That was never found out, but her father was arrested for being suspected for raping and abusing his daughter. But he was later released because of no evidences.

Lina got her first period when she was only 8 months old and she had a prominent breast development at the age of 4. Her figure also displayed pelvic widening and advance bone maturation at the age of 5.

The family later lived a normal life and Gerardo didn’t knew that Lina was his mother until he was 10 years. Lina was provided with education and she received help for her son’s education as well. She was working as a secretary and she also married to Raul Jurado, having another baby boy in 1972. Her son died at the age of 40 from bone marrow disease.

The evidence that this is a true story were the x – rays and some medical papers.

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