Teen Invents Bra That Can Save Millions After Mom Nearly Dies Of Breast Cancer

In the time when Julian Rois Cantu was 13 years old, his mother was identified to have breast malignancy for the second time in her life. She has invested years in fighting with the illness, which was inevitably brought a double mastectomy. Julian reviewed: “The diagnosis was too late. My mom lost both her breasts and practically her life.”

With his mom as his motivation, Julian chose the world the world required a superior approach to distinguish early evidence of breast cancer. Women need to frequently inspect their breasts, but yet it can be hard to determine inconspicuous changes in the body. This is the reason why the Mexican high schooler developed an “auto investigation bra,” a bra that could spare a large number of lives.

The now-18-year-old’s creative bra contains 200 sensors which can spot early indications of breast growth.

The bra is intended to be worn for one hour seven days. During that one hour, the sensors in the bra survey the surface of the breasts of the wearer, as well as accumulate essential data. The sensors track the surface, the color, temperature and the blood stream. This information is exchanged by means of Bluetooth to a PC or application.

By investigating this kind of information, the wearer of the bra can tell regardless of whether any unfortunate changes have occurred in their breasts.

The thought of Julian incited him to set up his own organization, Higia Technologies, at age 17. The main goal of Higia is to make the lives of the ladies better, by preventing breast malignancy with new innovation.

Recently, his organization has received the top prize at the Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards.

With his mother as his main motivation, this smart high schooler is actually saving lives with his new and brilliant innovation.

Source: http://improveyourhealthrightnow.com

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