Sushi lover’s entire body left riddled with WORMS after eating contaminated sashimi

Sushi is very popular food and consumed everywhere around the world, but everyone who likes and enjoys sushi should note that it can cause a lot of health problems if it isn’t prepared properly.

There is a case with a Chinese man who experienced severe stomach pain and his skin became itchy after eating one serving of sashimi and later at the doctor his body scan revealed that his body was infected with parasitic tape worms known as Diphyllobothrium, that can be found in all fish species and can result in Diphylloborthriasis in people after consuming undercooked or raw fish.

The most common symptoms that occur right after ingesting the larvae of Diphyllobothrium are:
Discomfort or pain in the abdomen, weakness, visible weight loss, diarrhea, dizziness, insomnia, malnutrition and jaundice.

But the worst danger you should be warned about are the deadly consequences of this type of worms. If your body is full with diphyllobothrium they can even get to your brain and go unnoticed for months.
Consuming undercooked or raw fish can also cause numerous other parasitic infections and health problems.


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