Study: Women Store DNA From Every Male They Have S€x With

Every person has always been warned not to have a lot of sexual partners, as there is a risk of s€xuality transmitted diseases. But, some studies have shown that there is a scary new ghost that follows you from your sexual partners.

The University of Seattle and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center has released a new study which has revealed that women absorb and retain living DNA of the men they have s€x with. It sounds a little frightening right?

What the scientists were trying to determine is if women who had been pregnant with a son might be more vulnerable to diseases usually found in men. The study found two things. The first one was that women can absorb DNA through her lifetime that can change her overall appearance and health. It has also been noticed that woman with more sexual partners also look different than they used to look. The second thing which they have found was that single mothers have DNA from the children residing permanently within their bodies. The same also goes for when a man reproduces with a single mother. The new offspring will retain the DNA from the precious child of the mother.

According to, when a woman absorbs Y-chromosome genes from male sperm via s€x, it would easily explain why a woman with high notch counts exhibits more masculine traits. Felix Le Dantec, who is a French biologist and philosopher, mentioned this topic in 1899 in his work “Individual Evolution, Heredity, and Neo-Darwinists.” He also mentioned several facts which demonstrate Telegony.

He actually wrote about a farmer who told him once his swine copulated with a boar and their pigs resembled the father in color. However, when the same swine copulated with another boar, some pigs of the second farrow still resembled the color of the male pig the swine had first copulated with. He also explains that Lord Morton who first interbred a mare and a zebra and formed a hybrid. The next time when he interbred the same male but with a horse, and the colt still had lines which resembled the zebra.

Some research suggests that man who is considering reproducing with a promiscuous woman, should even interview the woman’s past lovers.

He should also become more familiar with her lovers from the past, as their genes will be additionally passed onto his offspring.


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