” Balm ” is the name for a drink which helps losing weight, eliminates excess fluid and fat and also can improve the vision, memory and hearing.

The ingredients that this drink contains are: unpeeled lemon, horseradish, and honey.

We all know that lemon and honey have high health benefits, but few people know that the horseradish is much better than both of them. It is a plant that has numerous health benefits, and some of them are alleviating respiratory conditions, boosting immunity, stimulating weight loss, promoting heart health, promoting healthy digestion, building strong bones and lowering blood pressure.

The root of this plant has been used for a long time for medical purposes, and nowadays, it is available in any store.
It is important to know that this plant has very high nutritional value and it contains
potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, folate, vitamin C, dietary fiber, and oils like sinigirin. A serving of it contains only 6 calories, because it is very low in calories.

That’s why horseradish is one of the best things which one can use during his weight losing period.

If the root is larger than usual, you can grate the needed amount and keep the rest in a refrigerator in aluminum foil.

You can combine it with 4 teaspoons of lemon juice/ vinegar and a teaspoon of sugar, to keep it fresh for three weeks. Transfer the ingredients into a jar and keep it for up to 3 weeks.



– 125 g. horseradish;
– 3 lemons ( put them into a container with water and vinegar to remove pesticides);
– 3 tbsp. honey.


1. Put the horseradish in a blender and mix it well;
2. Add the lemons without their seeds into the blender, but first cut them;
3. Mix everything once again;
4. Than, add the honey into the mixed ingredients, and mix it all once again, then transfer it into a sealed jar;
5. Keep the mixture in the refrigerator.


Two times a day,along with meals, take a teaspoon of the mixture. You should consume it for three weeks.


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