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Spend 5 Minutes A Day Doing These 5 Exercises And Watch Your Eyesight Improve


Our sense of sight may be the most valuable from all the other senses. With the help of our eyes we have the ability to observe the world in colour and to have high definition of it. It is also a compass which give us the freedom to explore our surroundings. In that way we get accustomed to the things we see every day, so much so that we take for granted how we are able to see, which is possible because of our eyes of course.

Maybe we cannot accept the fact that our eyesight worsens over time, but it is true. How fast or slow it will deteriorate it depends of how much care we take for it. There a lot of ways for taking care for your eyes, and we will show some of them in this article.

Here are the five natural exercises for improving your eyesight:

1.Roll your eyes

Maybe rolling your eyes is rude doing  in front of someone you are speaking to, but it is an excellent exercise for improving your eyesight. First, roll your eyes up as far as possible, and then rotate your eyes clockwise 10 times. After that, rotate your eyes counterclockwise 10 times. Repeat the exercise three times.

2.Blink your eyes

Most of us already do this exercise naturally and that’s why it is very simple. You should focus on fully opening and closing of your eyelids and  in that way, when you blink, tears are created so they clean your eyeballs, which helps your eye muscles to relax. Blink 20 times for this exercise.

3.Do side-way views

Focus on your eye movement, then look at your left side as much as possible with both of your eyes and hold for three seconds. Repeat the exercise 10 times and make sure you relax after you finish it because it works out the muscles.

4.See near, see far

This exercise is unique because it works wonders to our eyes. First, sit somewhere where you have something to focus on which is near and far. After that, focus on your nose for 10 seconds by staring at it. Than look at something that you can wish to focus on which is faraway. Repeat the exercise 5 times, and relax your eyes afterwards.

5.Massage your temples

You can do this by putting pressure on them with your thumb. Then rotate 10 times clockwise and 10 times counterclockwise. Repeat the exercise 3 times and do not put much pressure because you are only trying to relax your face muscles. Do the same exercise for the area in the middle of your eyebrows and both sides of the bridge of your nose.

All these exercises are not only good for  relaxing your facial muscles, but also for improving your eyesight.

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