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Their Son Lost His Life After Being With His Girlfriend! They Were Shocked When They Find Out The Reason! (All Parents Should Know This)


In this article we are going to show you something really shocking. The story is about one teenager who has died after a love bite from his girlfriend, which has caused a blood clot and led to a stroke. A 17-years-old boy from Mexico City, named Julio Macias Gonzalez raised alarm among his family when he began convulsing at the dinner table.

The story begins like this: It was thought that his girlfriend has given him a hickey earlier that evening, which was the reason for forming a blood clot that has travelled to his brain. Even though the doctors have intervened, the teen could not be saved and he died after a short period. The doctors have believed that the love bite’s suction was the main reason that caused the formation of the clot, so it travelled to his brain, triggering a stroke.

The family of Julio, blame his 24 years old girl for his death, but she has now disappeared. It is not the first time a love bite has been believed to have triggered a reaction. There was also another story that you should know, and it was about a 44-year-old woman in New Zealand lost movement in her left arm, after having a stroke. The doctors have noticed a love bite and they have quickly realized that it was it that caused the damage to the major artery in her neck and linked it to her paralysis.

What has really happened was that the suction had caused the forming of blood clot and it has travelled to her heart, causing a stroke. According to a lot of experts, the love bites and hickeys can be caused by a person that sucks on an area of another person’s skin, and the most common place is the neck. Because of the suction, blood vessels under the skin are caused and they can cause bruising that can last up to two weeks. Also, another danger that can be caused, apart from the dangers of blood clots and fatal strokes, hickeys can cause swelling which you can treat with an ice – pack. People often hide their bruises by using make – up, scarfs or polo neck sweaters.

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