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For Smokers and Ex-Smokers: This Drink Will Cleanse Your Lungs!


It is well known that smoking is bad for our health and it also fills our lungs with toxins. However there is a drink that you can make in your home that is very powerful and can cleanse your damaged lungs.

The needed ingredients for this drink are:
• One liter of water
• 400 grams of onion – The onion is one of the best fighters against many malignant conditions and it also has anti-cancer properties, this vegetable is also very effective in preventing disease of the respiratory system
• Two tablespoons of powdered turmeric (or turmeric root in the size of a thumb) – the turmeric has great antiviral, antibacterial and anti-cancerous properties.
• 400 grams of sugar (or honey or maple syrup as healthier option)
• A ginger root in the size of a thumb – the ginger is very beneficial and it also helps eliminating the extra mucus in the lungs.

Mix the water with the sugar, place it on heat and wait until it starts boiling. Add the ginger and the onions after you had previously chopped them. When this mixture is well boiled add the turmeric and lower the temperature the mixture boils at to medium. Cook until a half of the mixture is left in the container, after that remove it from the heat and put the mixture in glass container, wait till it cools off to a room temperature then store it in the fridge.

You should drink this beverage twice, every day, two tablespoon of it in the morning and in the evening at least two hours after the meal.

Source : http://makeyourlifehealthier.com/