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If You Sleep Naked Tonight, Here’s The Surprising Effect It’ll Have on Your Body


According to a recent study, less than 10 Americans sleep naked. It is weird how this number can be so low.

Professionals say that sleeping naked can be very good for us. In the lines below you can read some health, physical and psychological advantages.

1. When you sleep naked, you sleep much better. As you sleep, your body temperature level naturally declines. But when you are wearing thick pajamas or you are covered with heavy blankets,they will keep you too warm and that will interfere with the cycle.

This will lower the quality of your sleep, it will make you toss and turn and it will reduce the amount of Rapid Eye Movement you attain.

2. It can air you up, both upstairs and downstairs. This is good for everyone, especially for females. If you sleep naked, it will protect you from growing of the yeast and bacteria while drying spots of perspiration and keeping the body comfy.

3. Another possible thing is reducing weight faster. When you <ahref=”http://livehealthywithus.com/sleeping-poses-sleep-best-worst/”>sleep naked at night it also lowers cortisol levels.

4. When you wake up with excessive of this hormone, it makes your skin taut and your hair looking healthy.

5. There is a great possibility for you to be more frisky. Skin to skin contact increases the bonding hormones such as oxytocin, so you will be much more sensitive to the touch of your partner. In that way, the trust between you will be increased, and it will also lower your heart rate…till the lovemaking begins of course.

6. Another important thing is that you will feel positive throughout the day, and you will have more energy. A lot of people miss this sensation in their everyday life. That’s why they deserve to be treated well.

7. Using less cloth will improve your blood circulation, and you will feel more comfortable. It also eliminates stomach pain and waist discomfort in addition to tension. Tight rubber bands do not do you any favors and need to be either loosened or disregarded entirely for a more comfortable rest. According to some researches and studies, sleeping naked helps for those who have insomnia.

8. Another reports show that when the body is naked it soaks up nutrients more successfully than when there are clothes on. Going naked speeds up the process of skin repair, enables sebaceous glands to work at full capability, which improves the body’s metabolic rate. But if you can’t get rid from the pajamas for whatever reason, minimizing your linens will be a huge help. And if you can, lose them and put some nightshirt, or something else in order to improve your sleep.