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Silica Bags: Don’t Throw Those Desiccants Just Yet!


It says do not eat on those small silica gel bags, but while you should not eat them they are not toxic at all, as some people think. Anyway, we usually do throw them away any time we by a pair of new shoes.

However, they have some pretty awesome uses around the house, which we think would come in useful. The substance which they are filled in with is silicon dioxide which has an ability to dry out everything in the surrounding. That is exactly why they are placed in shoe bags: to prevent humidity thus preventing bad smell. And the most important thing – they are not toxic at all.

What follows is a list of some of the things you could use these desiccants for:

1.Put them between towels

To prevent towels to get smelly and damp, put a few silica bags in your towel cabinet or between the towels. This will prevent the towels to get that mold smell and it will keep them dry.

2.Put them in your gym bag

Your gym bag probably does not smell great. This is so because the bacteria and germs thrive best in a damp environment, and the constant moist in your gym bag is keeping them alive and allows them to reproduce. This means that when you put silica packets in your bag they will accumulate all the extra moisture and it will prevent reproduction of bacteria, so the nasty smell will vanish as well.

3.Make your razors last longer

Put your new razor in a container with silica bags. In this way your razor will stay as new for a long time. This works in a way that the silica bags prevent rust building up on the blade.

4.Save your drowned phone

It is obvious that the silica bags will not fix your drowned phone, but they will definitely dry it faster. It is known that rice can also help to absorb the excess of moist, but the silica bags will do that much faster and less messy. The first thing you should do if you dropped your phone in water is to turn it off. Then put it in a jar with silica bags and leave it there for a few hours. The faster drying will result in less rust ad it might save your phone. It is worth trying.

5.Foggy car windows? – No more

During the damp weather season if often happens to have fogged up windows. To save time in the morning not to wait for your windows to clear up, just put a few silica bags under your windshield and leave them to work wonders. Your windows will not be foggy at all next morning.

6.Save your old photos

Place some silica gel bags in the box with your photographs. That will keep the damp at bay thus keeping your photographs the same as the day you have put them there.

7.Save your make up

Place some silica gel bash in your make-up bag or container and prevent your powdery make-up (as eyeshadows) from curdling.

So next time, hold on to your silica gel bags, instead of throwing them away. You do not know when you might need them.

 source: http://www.davidwolfe.com