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Say Goodbye to Sweat Stains on Your Shirts!


Most of us when on noticing those nasty stains of sweat appearing on our shirts under our arms begin to sweat even more. It is the vicious cycle of shame and sweating.

Since summer is coming and sweat is a natural phenomenon that we cannot stop, we can try applying some of the several tips to avoid the embarrassment.

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  1. Baby Powder

This is one of the best tricks to prevent sweat stains. The only thing you should do is applying baby powder to the area where you sweat most (underarms) and pass upon it with an iron. The powder will create a barrier that will not allow stains to appear. If you do this prior to wearing your shirt every single time you will not come into situation to have sweat spots under your arms.


  1. Feminine Pads

Feminine pads are an awesome idea. However, chose some of those smaller everyday pads if you do not want to attract attention. Just stick it on the shirt that you wear in the underarms area and they will do magic. Obviously, stains will not occur because the pad will absorb all of the sweat.

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  1. Cotton Singlets

Cotton singlets or any cotton shirts that you can wear under a blouse or shirt is a great way to keep the sweat away from the upper-part garment. Cotton sweatshirt will absorb sweat and protect your shirt from stains.