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Say Goodbye to Back Pain! Here’s How to Get Rid Of Back Pain in Natural Way! Successful In 95% of Cases!


You might have bent on the wrong way when lifting something. Maybe without knowing, you have been dealing with a degenerative condition, such as arthritis. When you have back pain, it will be hard to shake, and what is the reason for that, it doesn’t matter.

32% of the Americans have experienced lower back pain at some period of their life.

Common causes of back pain:

Some of the most common causes of chronic back pain are sport injuries and accidents. Although pain can be triggered, sometimes by simple movement or activities as bending over to pick something from the floor, you can feel a very bad pain. A number of other factors can increase the risk of back pain.

A sedentary life and too much sitting can put you at risk of back pain. Sedentary lifestyle is being the one common denominator among most patients who have been suffering from severe cases of chronic pain. Working and staying in unnatural positions for a long period of the day can create back pain, as well as unbalanced distribution of force throughout your body.

Weight gain, joint problems, obesity, nerve problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome and other debilitating diseases have been the major  risk factors for causing back pain. They have been caused in a way by prolonged sitting and poor posture. The prolonged sitting is also considered as an independent factor for poor health and premature death.

– Relieving back pain naturally

There have always been better and safer alternatives among all the prescriptions and pain killers, if you have been already suffering from chronic back pain or some other pain.

-Comfrey could provide relief for millions of people with back pain, claim some scientists.

And what is Comfrey?

It is a kind of a plant which grows on wet meadows, ditches near water and fields. Some researchers have said that our life could be much easier if using this plant for struggling with back pain. Some testing of an ointment for 5 days to fully healing of back pain, has been passed successfully due to the content of the extract of this plant. 120 people with lower and upper back pain have been examined by the researchers and the results have been published in the British Journal of Sports Medina. According to the results, it has been proven clinically that the bad pain has been successfully reduced with the help of the comfrey’ s root. Comfrey is well known because of it’s healing properties. It has been used to aid traditionally in some cases of healing of wounds, fractures, and ulcers.

It has been known that comfrey is used in medicine since the Middle Ages. It has been used in the process of healing wounds, recovering from illnesses and surgeries, as well as internally to aid cell producing. The healing of bone and tissue has been promoted by the content of a cell-proliferate substance, which has been proven in the early 1900 year. But, in 1980’s some scientists have proven that pyrrolizidine alkaloids has been contained, more in the root than in the leaves. It has been made a lab research, lab animals have been injected large quantities of it and in that way it has been shown that causes some damages on the liver.

The INTERNAL use of comfrey has been cautioned, and it is recommended for people that have liver problems to not use it internally because it has been usually consumed in much lower doses.

Warning: Avoid internal consumption of this plant if you have liver problems. It is also not recommended for young children and pregnant women.

About the EXTERNAL use be careful if you have deep wounds, because they might be closed up on the surface caused by comfrey, before healed further down. Also, do not use comfrey on dirty wounds because it  rapid healing might trapped the dirt.

If you are concerned, ask for advice from a professional herbalist.

– Used parts:

The leaves and the root have similar properties. Morepyrrolizidine alkaloids might be contained more in the root then the leaves.

Leaves had been used for treatment of sprains, sore joints and other injuries. They contain salves and oils and a large amount of allantoin.

Application of leaves:


It is useful for treatment of Gastric inflammations and ulcers if you combine it with Marshmallow and Meadowsweet. For chest and bronchial problems, you should be using it with Coltsfoot, White Horehound or Elecampane.


Apply a poultice of pureed leaves for speeding the healing of minor broken bones e.g. toes, ribs, etc.

Ointments of comfrey with combination of other herbs, can be used for muscle damage and other skin disorders.