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If You Have This Sandals Throw Them Away Immediately And Here’s Why


There was one scientific research that has been conducted in Germany, which has discovered that clogs, that are made from plastic materials, actually contain a lot of carcinogenic compounds, which means that that can be the reason for the emergence of some types of cancer.

In order to prove this research, the scientists have selected 10 pairs of these clogs, made of plastic, and they also choosed the best brands which were on the market. They made some analysis on them in a laboratory. The results that this analysis gave, have surprised the scientists, as the clogs contained 60% of PAHs, which was also known as aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons.

And in case you don’t know what are they and you never heard of them, we will tell you that they are very carcinogenic substances. If they get absorbed by our body, they may cause some cell mutation. This means that they are very harmful for our health, especially when inhaled, and they can also penetrate into our skin and enter in our body.

Based on the made research, the plastic clogs contained the highest amount of this certain type of carcinogen. Around 70% of the clogs that have been examined, contained solvents and heavy metals as well.

They are very toxic compounds, that can enter in our body through our skin. So, first of all, wear some socks on, in order to avoid certain types of problems.

Source: http://healthyfoodworld.net