Russian Doctor Claims Your Immune System Can Recover in Only 15 Seconds! Here’s How!

If you often suffer from colds, that is one reason more for straightening your immune system. The following way is effective like no one else probably.

A famous Moscow chino-therapy specialist, Professor Sergei Bybnovsky, has proposed a new and very effective way for straightening the immunity.

All you have to do is to pour 10 to 15 cm of completely cool water, or to be more precise, ice – cool, into a bathtub or basin, after coming home from work.

Don’t add warm water in any way!

After pouring the water, take off your socks and enter barefoot into the tub.

After that keep tip – toeing or dancing 10 to 15 seconds.

After finishing, get out of the tube, wipe your feet with a rough terry cloth. Put some woolen socks on. In order to improve your immunity, you should do this everyday.

This method will be very useful for you if you are very sickly person. If you are, do this on every four hours.


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