PSYCHOLOGICAL TEST: Who looks younger? Your choice will indicate what kind of thinker you are.

Personality tests which are shown each day on different pages are very popular among the followers of those pages, mainly because a lot of them help people to better know their inner world, as well as certain hidden skills which they had not previously noticed.

In the article from today, we will propose something different from what has actually been seen previously. In the image below, three children appear, but one of them seems younger than the rest. Now, it is your turn to guess which one of them is the youngest.

– Image 1:

If you have chosen this image, you belong to the 35% of the population who did the same. You must be in luck, as you belong to the selected group of intuitive thinkers. But, what does it mean actually?

Mainly, that instinct is actually one of the qualities which define you the most and you feel the proudest. Perfectly well you know when to act, what decisions will be right and even what people are the best to share your life with. You are almost never wrong, and that is what actually makes you a successful person.

Every morning when you get up, you think that it is impossible to explain the world in a logical way, but you also think that it is totally unnecessary. The best thing is to face the life as it is, not necessarily operating with our brain at every moment. As for the feelings you have, something that really characterizes you completely is honesty. Probably you will gain more of problems for your comments, but you really think that it is for the best.

– Image 2:

There are 4 out of 10 people who consider that the second child is the one that seems younger than the other two. This means that those people are complex thinkers. But, is it a virtue or a defect? It is surely the first thing, because these people know perfectly what the pros and cons of any aspects are.

They may need some longer period in order to make a decision, but they are guaranteed the greatest possible success. You cannot fail having such a brilliant mind.

Generally for the world, you think that the most of the events which are happening cannot be explained logically…what surrounds us is actually too complex to be defined in one simple sentence. Probably, logic is not exactly one of the things which have more values, like reason, but the actions you take have given rise to the rest of your close friends in order to be right in everything. You are maybe not the most friendly person in the whole world, but those people that know you, know that you are really worth it.

For you, the best that can be is a balance between logic, intuition, and reason. This combination is present in your mind and makes you a very wise person. Teacher would be one of the professions that suits you the best, as you share your knowledge with the new generations, and it is something that you really love and do as a person. If you are a teacher, your students will realize that you are doing your best, in order to teach them many important concepts, and that will make them do their part as well.

– Image 3:

25% of the people that have been solving this test claim that the last boy is the one that is much younger than the rest two. And, what does this mean? These individuals are thought of as the so – called logical thinkers. Do you belong in this group of thinkers? If you do, it means that when you face some problems, you often make decisions which are based on reasoning. Although the quality of intuition is valued, it is not precisely between your abilities. Logic is there to help you fulfill all of your desires.

Leadership is one of your main virtues: your closest friends see you as really charismatic, as well as a person with great gift to control every situation, so they will not hesitate twice in order to follow you. On the other hand, you have a firm oratory which makes it possible for you to have the ability to persuade anyone who thinks differently about you… your arguments will actually change their minds completely. You should be very proud about this ability, because it can open a lot of doors in different areas of your life.

Another obvious thing is that you have very extensive knowledge of a great number of different disciplines: mathematics, science, art, nutrition…The people around you recognize your talents and they also feel very good to be a part of your most personal circle. When you are making an important decision, you often take several minutes to think for the answer, but after a thorough analysis, you will always come to a successful conclusion. If you think that something is right, then you will take the initiative in order to make it happen.


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