Weight loss is mostly based on the activity level and the calorie intake, but consuming certain foods can boost your metabolism to burn calories faster.

The coriander has some acids that can be very effective in lowering the cholesterol levels in the blood and reduce the cholesterol in the inner walls of the blood vessels which can lead to number of cardiovascular issues including heart attacks and strokes.
Because of its rich aroma from the essential oils, the coriander helps in the proper secretion of enzymes and digestive juices in the stomach which means it stimulates the digestion and peristaltic motion.

In order to boost your metabolism to burn calories faster you can try this easy homemade healthy drink


• 60 grams of chopped coriander
• 1 lemon
• 4 cups of water

Squeeze the lemon in a glass container, add the coriander and water and mix it well.
Drink this beverage every morning for five days on empty stomach.
It should be noted that pregnant women, even though some claim that it increases the production of breast milk flow, should not take coriander until more research is done. They should consult a doctor before adding coriander in their diet.

Source : http://www.lifehealthandfood.com/

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