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These Are The Most Popular Tea Brands That Contain Illegal Amounts of Deadly Pesticides (must avoid at all costs)


51 percent of the Americans are drinking tea every day but what else it there is those cups? There was a testing by CBC Marketplace and CBC’s French investigative consumer show L’Epicerie, which reveals that some teas on the market contain levels of pesticides that exceed American standards.

One of the most popular world’s beverages is tea, and it is often touted because of its healthy properties.

Pesticides in tea

An investigation on the pesticide levels of most major tea-producing companies was made, and some of them were: Lipton (Pure Green Tea and Yellow Label Black Tea), Tetley, Twinings, Red Rose, No Name, Uncle Lee’s Legends of China (Green Tea and Jasmine Green Tea), King Cole, Signal …

Another investigation conducted on teas, discovered that t 8 of 10 teas tested had residues that were above the legally acceptable limit, containing 22 different types of pesticides. Some of the pesticides that were found are endosulfan and monocrotophos, which are currently in the process of being banned by several countries, because of the health risks it poses to workers that handle it and the negative impact that it has on the environment.

Best and worst brands

Even if most of the tea brands contain a whopping amount of pesticides, their amount in some other brands is below the legal limit. The best thing will be having zero pesticides, but that is not possible, so here we will present you a list of the worst offenders. In this way you will be sure to steer clear of these brands no matter how bad you want to drink tea:

– Uncle Lee’s Legends of China (Green Tea) – it contains more than 20 different types of pesticides, which include endosulfan, which is currently in a process of being banned form a lot of different countries, because of its health and environment effects. It can be the reason of tremors and other effects on the nervous system, in some cases even resulted in death.

– No name – this one contains more than 10 different types of pesticides.

– King Cole – this one has a wider variety of pesticides, which include monocrotophos. This one is known for causing involuntary defecation, irregular heartbeat and has also been known to induce comas.

During this fuss, the tea industry is not staying quiet. The vice president of Uncle Lee’s Legends of China, named James O’Young, defends the pesticides in his tea content by claiming all tea contains pesticides.

He said: “If you drink tea, regular tea, I don’t care it’s what brand is that the fact of life, this agricultural product does have pesticide.”

He made this statement ignoring the fact that CBC’s investigation found that, out of the 10 different tea brands which were tested, Red Rose was the only product that came back completely free of pesticides. This is a prove that tea cannot just be cultivated without having pesticide residue on it, but that also some representatives from big corporations, are blatantly lying to us about it.

That’s why you should support pesticide-free tea companies by avoiding brands that you know are heavy in pesticides, such as Uncle Lee’s and No Name Brands, and buy tea only from brands that you know contain little, or even no pesticides.

Source: http://healthyrecipeshome.com