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How To Poop Quickly When You Don’t Have Time


The process of pooping is very important for our body. Sometimes it can put you in a very uncomfortable situation as it may take longer then usual and if you are in a hurry there are few things that can help you out when you don’t have time.

1.Coffee – Consuming coffee gives your digestive system a kick-start. It will make the pooping process easier and quicker.

2.Massage yourself – Give a quick rub below your rib cage and above the tummy. That point is known as the perineum. This massage is known to be very effective.

3.Cardio – Working out and moving your body can also help, but if you already have constipation then it might not.

4.Make 45 degree angle – The position is very important. A deeper squat can put your lower GI tract in a better position which will help you instantly.
If none of the tricks above work for you then you need to consider changing your diet. Make sure that you get enough fiber that will help you for healthy digestion. Add some leafy green vegetables, oranges and other fiber-rich food in your diet.

Source :http://healthyhouseideas.com/