Place Your Feet in Vinegar For 30 Minutes What Happens Is Wonderful !!

It is well-known that vinegar is not only useful in the kitchen but it has many benefits for our health and body as well.

Besides all the other health benefits, vinegar can be very beneficial for your feet as well. Simply soaking your feet in vinegar can provide many benefits for your overall health.
• Eliminates foot fungus – Using vinegar on your feet kills all fungi that appears on your feet. Soak
Your feet in mixture of equal parts of vinegar and water for 15 minutes daily.

• Eliminates itchiness – If you have itchy feet simply put your feet in water that has 4 spoons of vinegar in it.

• Removes wart – for this you should use Apple cider vinegar and soak your feet in it for 16 minutes.

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