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Place 3 Lemons Cut On Your Nightstand, This Trick Will Change Your Life Forever, Believe It Or Not


Being full of negative energy can be bad for your prosperity, relationship and health as well. It can stagnate the environment at your home for sure.

It is understandable to feel more comfortable when you believe in things that you can understand and verify. This is one of the reasons why the rational mind cannot comprehend some remedies and rituals, which usually are challenge to our logic.

The theme of this article will be about something that just few people believe in. We will talk about negative energies, how lemon can neutralize bad energy and how to get back the harmony of your home.

Maybe some of you know, but let us remind everyone that lemon has a lot of beneficial properties. It is not just used for treatment of beauty and health but also it can affect on the improving of the energy in your home.

In order to improve the energy in your home, you should follow this simple advice. All you need to do is to put some green lemons on several places in your home, where you spent most of your time, and the amazing lemon aroma will keep the negative energy away for sure.

Also, there are several other different ways which can help you to keep the negative energy away from your home. Some of them are:

Place three green lemons in various places of your house, changing them from time to time.

  • Another way of improving the energy in your home is to benefit from its vapors. All you need to do is to boil the lemon shell in rainwater.Use the lemons as amulet. You will see that the lemon will absorb all the negative energies, and bad waves will not affect you.

    Put 9 lemons in a basket or ceramic or clay pot. Spread 8 of them in a circle and put the 9th in the center. After that, take a larger pot and cover the bottom with rice. Next, put the pot with lemons in the pot with rice. Put all this on the refrigerator and you will for sure improve the wealth of your family and the negative energy will go away.

    If you usually have the feeling that someone envies you at your job place, there is a very useful method for that. For doing it, you will need to put three lemons in your purse or in your desk drawer and the energy on your workplace will be balanced.

    Prepare a mixture of lemon and ware. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and after that spray all around your house. Pay more attention to the corners, and you will for sure make the bad energy go away.

    Place a glass vase or bowl with three lemons on your night table. Change the lemons from time to time and you will for sure attract love in this way.

    You will also need to know that there are a lot of other different ways for getting rid of bad energy and bad vibes, which are absorbed in our home. One of them is the following:

    Cut one lemon in four pieces and put it in a plate. After that, put a circle of salt around the lemon. In the end, put the plate under the bed where you sleep. If it is not possible to put it under it, put it aside the bed on a night table or on the floor near the wall. Remember: Do not touch the lemon the next day!

    You need to put it in a plastic bag and throw it away from the house.

    If you want all this to work, you need to repeat it three days in a row and you will be surprised by the results.

    Another thing about the lemons and their connection with energy is that in the morning when you put a green lemon in your purse, pants pocket, jacket or wherever you want, in the evening when you will be back home, you will see that the lemons are all dried out.

    That is a sign that the lemons have absorbed all the negative energy and have released the positive one. That’s why you need to throw it away. The next morning take new lemon.