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His Parents Find Him Semi-Beheaded On The Farm. When They See What Was Attached To His Cell Phone They Realize Why…


Bradley Willoughby, who was a sixteen – year old boy from Queensland, Australia, was a motorbike enthusiast who liked riding on the farm where his parents were living. This can be a very dangerous and scary activity. One day, he had an accident, and an accessory from the phone that almost every one of us carries, caused the greatest threat to his life.

While the boy, named Bradley, was riding his motorbike, he had been listening to music through the headphones of his iPhone under his helmet. Unluckily, he landed a jump awkwardly and the bike’s throttle got stuck, launching him into a barbed wire fence. Because of the impact, his ankle was broken and dislocated and slit open his stomach.


But, this was nothing compared with the injuries caused by the headphones. They were more serious. His head went through the fence, so the headphone cables snagged on the barbed wire. As the earbuds were jammed inside his helmet, they couldn’t pop out. Instead of that, the rubber coating was pulled off, leaving the surprisingly strong copper wires, which — given the force of the impact — were sharp enough to almost decapitate him, narrowly missing the teenager’s trachea. His father had to pull out the wires from the cut that was in his throat while waiting for the medical help to arrive.

Bradley was a competent motorbike driver, who always took the necessary precautions, and his mother says that he had no idea that listening to music through headphones can be something so dangerous. She also hopes that by sharing this story, others people will benefit from the warning. She cautioned: “Do not wear wired earphones under a motorbike helmet, it’s potentially life threatening”. Also remember that listening to music to any kind of headphones – wired or not – while you drive, can be extremely dangerous for some other reasons. One of the things is that you may not hear danger (other vehicles, for example) approaching.


After the accident, Bradley has been treated and had operations on his leg and neck and has months of recovery ahead of him. Also, he’s extremely lucky to have survived. We also hope that his experience will help in increasing the awareness of the dangers of operating vehicles with the headphones on, and it will also prevent others from experiencing such, or worse accident.

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