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Do Not Let “Experts” Kill You!


Experts say this, experts say that. But shall we always blindly follow experts’ advice? They tell us many things and then after a few years they tell us completely opposite facts.

How can we be sure which fact is true? How can we be sure who of the experts are better experts?

A lot of people died because of a wrong treatment, and because they followed their doctors’ advice blindly. My grandpa almost died when he was diagnosed with appendix inflammation, while he had a cervical cancer. Fortunately, he realized that his pain was still the same after the surgery and he took the strings in his own hands. He lived 20 years with diagnosed cancer after that. The doctors gave him 5 years at most.

Here are other examples where experts were proven wrong after many years, by other experts.

Homos*xuality was once considered a disease.
In the past years it was said that margarine is much healthier than butter. Now experts claim that the exact opposite is true.
Doctors believed that baby formula was much healthier for babies than breast milk. Now they consider that just the opposite is true.
Bloodletting was thought to be the perfect treatment for every illness. Doctors even attached leaches to their patients’ bodies to cure them. Now that is considered to be completely ineffective.
Doctors claimed that is it best if all people have their tonsils and appendix removed for better health condition. Now they took that claim back.
It was thought that eggs are bad because they heighten the cholesterol levels in our body. Now, the newest research recommends eating eggs because they are very healthy for our body.
It was believed that milk helps alleviating stomach ache. Now it is said that it worsens the ache.
Doctors suggested we stop eating chocolate and oily foods if we want to get rid of acne. Not they say that those foods are not connected with acne in any ways.
Experts claimed that diet did not have any effect on illnesses. Now, they suggest that we should be on a healthy diet to prevent diseases.
It was said that asthmatic children should spend some time in enclosed pool areas because the high humidity is good for their condition. Now experts suggest completely the opposite – to stay away from enclosed pools because the chlorine in the air makes their condition worse.
Alcohol was said to be totally unhealthy and should be strictly avoided and not consumed at all. After that claim it was said that the wine is actually good for the heart, and finally nowadays it is said that all of the alcohols have some health benefits when consumed in a small amount.
The best example are many drugs which have been used and approved by the FDA as completely safe. Then after several years they were taken off the pharmacies because it was proved that those same drugs have a numerous side effects and are dangerous for us to use.

(The examples above are taken from Kevin Trudeau’s book 6 Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About.)

So, what you should do is stop taking everything for granted. Do a little research on your own and try how something works on your own body. After all, we are all different. Sometimes it is even better to ask a person who has been through a disease similar to yours than a doctor. And usually it is best if you hear a lot of advice, then compare and contrast and try what works for you. And remember, what is natural is always better.