Do Not Buy Bottled Water Never Ever Again! Read This Article to Learn Why!

Every person at some point buys bottled water without thinking twice – after all, it is just water, isn’t it?

But, it is not that simple as well – have you ever wondered what the plastic bottle in which the water is packed contains? The plastic water bottles are actually the home of many dangerous substances, which can have some serious consequences on our health.

Worldwide every day, there are millions of bottles of bottled water consumed, which is actually a big concern. Each of the bottles should have a list of the used ingredients, but this is actually something rare. You have probably sometimes looked at the bottom of a bottle and seen some symbols such as DPE or PP, but do you actually know what they mean? You should read this article on and you will learn which plastic bottles you should avoid buying.


These initials at the bottom of a plastic bottle indicate that the bottle is fit for one single use. It is a plastic which releases heavy metals and chemicals which can harm our hormones.

– PVC or 3V

These two symbols indicate a flexible plastic which is also used for food packing. The plastic releases two chemicals which may affect our hormones.


This is probably one of the best plastic bottles that is considered generally safe for the health and the environment as well.


As the previous one, these bottles are the safest on the market.

– PP

This is a symbol which indicates that the plastic bottle should be white or transparent. Its usual use is for yogurt and it is also light and resistant.


This is a type of plastic used for plastic bags, and it does not release any chemicals in water.

– PS

This one is usually used on fast food containers. Such containers release dangerous and carcinogenic substances which should be avoided for sure.

– PC

This is a symbol which indicates a common plastic which is actually dangerous and corrosive, because of the presence of chemicals in it.

Besides knowing what all these symbols mean, another important thing is not to reuse the bottles or leave them exposed on sun, because they leak dangerous substances.


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