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I Had No Idea Coconut Oil Could Do This For My Face, This Is Life Changing!


A lot of people rely to a prescription drugs in order to get rid of the pain they feel as well as to ease aliments.

This is also medically unavoidable, but it will for sure be good to give a chance to the wide world of natural-at first place, homemade remedies. A lot of foods are there to fight stomach problems, digestion and other problems as well. This article is about the most powerful nature’s cure – alls – the coconut oil.

There is a list below in which we are going to tell you the best benefits from this remedy. This list contains benefits from destroying harmful bacteria and skin infections to boosting brain function in order to increase your stamina. The healthy fatty acids in coconut oil work to eliminate harmful elements in your body and promote overall health.

The coconut oil helps in boosting energy, has anti-fungal properties, and it’s easily processed by the liver, which regulates everything, from proteins to alcohol. In the lines below you can check out how you can use the oil in your lifestyle.

Benefits from coconut oil:

1.It helps in preventing heart diseases and high blood pressure

The oil contains compounds which help in straightening the cholesterol in our system. It lowers the risk for heart diseases, prevents blood clots, and boosts antioxidant properties.

2.Soothes Bladder and Kidney infection

The oil contains medium chain fatty acid which can kill the lipid coating on bacteria. It helps in soothing and supporting inflamed areas.

It is very useful for urinary track and kidney infections.

3.Increase Endurance

The coconut oil sustains your overall energy and boosts your rate of metabolism. When the non – processed coconut oil is digested, its healthy fatty acid is directly converted into energy by the liver.

4.Fights Parasites

The oil had been proved to be very powerful against fighting common yeast infection. Lauric acid in coconut oil is great at fighting bacteria, eliminating viruses, and disrupting fungal and parasitic grown.

5.Prevent tooth decay

The components that it consists help our body to easily absorb greater quantities of calcium. You can try using oil pulling with coconut oil in order to clean your mouth from bacteria, and also reduce the risk of gum disease.

6.Helps with diabetes type 2

The fatty acids that this oil consist help in creating balanced reaction system to insulin in our cells. This acid partially lightens the burden on the pancreas, and it also makes it produce more insulin and other hormones to regular the blood sugar.

7.Staves off hunger

The oil contains ketone bodies that have an appetite- reducing effect, and because of that it helps curb hunger.

8.Boosting the brain function

A lot of researches made on patients with mild cases of Alzheimer, have shown that the oil improves the brain function as well as memory for sure.

9.Acid digestion

The oil can also help in lowering stomach acids and boosting gut health. It also helps the body to absorb greater amounts of certain nutrients, including magnesium, calcium and vitamins.

10Healing skin infection

The oil can be very powerful in curing bruises and damaged tissue. You can apply it externally to the skin. A lot of people also use it as a moisturizer or as sunscreen, as well as to treat some skin disorders.