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Never Sleep with Your Pets, Do Not Risk Your Life! Here is Why


Most of us love animals and we treat them as our own kids. Undoubtedly, most of the people who have a pet treat it as a part of their family.

Even people who do not have one, love playing with their neighbor’s dog and cuddling their relative’s cat. If you have a pet and it lives in the house with you, the chances are that it sleeps in the same bed with you. However, you should avoid sleeping with your pet because it can affect your health.

We are often not conscious that our pets are nests for parasites, both internal and external. For that reason, never forget deworming your pet, since deworming eliminates parasites and prevents them from multiplying. Most of the animals’ parasites are transmitted to humans, and the risk of developing a disease is huge.

In other words, in a case your dog is sick (and you probably will not know about it in the first stages of the disease) there is a 90% risk that the disease will be transmitted to you if you are in direct contact with your dog. And while you sleep, you and your pet breathe in the same room, so the air will be full of parasites and viruses, and you are directly exposed to them. This is not the case if you are keeping your pet outside, or during the day when you are more active and thus less vulnerable.

If you have a pet, you probably know by now that it brings a lot of responsibilities. You should clean the waste after them, give them food, bathe them and walk them and you have to love them to do all this. But, do not neglect your pet’s health. So, the first thing to do is do the deworming every now and then and visit the vet as often as you are visiting a doctor. You should not wait your pet to be sick to visit a vet. You should do it regularly instead.


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