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Natural Laxative Recipe: Eat This And You’ll Empty Your Bowels And Excess Fluids


A common health issue that affects 1 in 10 people is irregular bowel movement, which includes constipation. There are a lot of factors which are the main causers of this uncomfortable condition, and some of them are inactivity, excessive stress, age, certain types of drugs, which include some vitamin supplements, deficiency in fiber and water, and a lot more.

Although that there are a lot of easily available over-the-counter laxatives, which can help in treating constipation, there is no better and safer solution for this problem than natural remedies, which are also very efficient.

Here, we are going to recommend you one such natural recipe. It is also known with the name ‘the hospital jam’, as it is even recommended by doctors to some patients as it is 100% effective. Besides treating the worst constipation, it is a completely natural and safe recipe for use, which means that it does not cause any unwanted effects. On the other side, the easy way of its preparation, is something else that you will love about it.

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Natural laxative jam recipe

Needed ingredients:

– 1 cup of prunes (pitted);
– 1 cup of dates (pitted);
– 5 cups of boiling water.


First, boil 5 cups of water. Than nicely chop the dates and prunes and add them in the boiled water. Cook it until you get jam-like mixture. If you have cooked it properly, you will get about 20 tablespoons homemade jam, which is great for children too. One of the ways of using it is to put it into your breakfast – yoghurt, cereals, toast and so on, or if you prefer, you can eat only jam.

Why is this jam so effective?

This is one very easy and simple answer to give, as the prunes are high in fiber and sorbitol, which is a natural sugar that softens the stool and relieves constipation.

Another thing is that there are a lot of ways of using prunes in order to treat this issue. For example, you can add some dried prunes to water and leave them overnight then drink the liquid in the morning.This method is also helpful in the process of softening your stool and emptyyour bowels. The benefits that prunes have for treating issues, such as constipation, have been even scientifically proved, as soluble fiber allows more water in the stool, thus making it softer, bulkier, and most importantly, easier to pass.


In some rare cases, constipation can indicate some more serious health issues, which include colorectal or stomach cancer. In cases in which constipation is accompanied with abnormal pain, or blood in the stool, you should immediately visit your doctor.

Fortunately, the chronic constipation can be easily treated with simple dietary and lifestyle changes. Also, by increasing the fiber intake by consuming fruits and vegetables, as well as drinking a plenty of water, avoiding alcohol and getting more sleep, can provide you long-term relief from constipation.

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