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NATURAL BOTOX, Fat Burner and DEATH to Cholesterol: They Keep Your Body Healthy Inside and Out!


Despite being one of the tastiest foods ever, you probably already know that pistachios are very healthy. They improve cardiovascular health and metabolism, they lower cholesterol levels, slow down aging, and have a very beneficial impact on many of the problems that people face today.

Go on reading to find out 5 reasons why you should eat 10 pistachios every day.

We know that once you start eating them, you can hardly stop it, you should not exaggerate too. Here are the health benefits from them.

Pistachios contain the powerful antioxidant lutein. It prevents the accumulation of fat, and also prevents inflammation. With regular consumption in a period of a few days only, you will notice lowering of the cholesterol levels by 20%.

They are rich in fiber, which improves digestive function of the body. With only 10 pistachios you will provide the required daily intake of fiber.

One cup of pistachios contains 60% of the recommended daily amount of phosphorus. It stimulates glucose tolerance and is important for digestion of proteins to amino acids.

If consumed daily pistachios can increase s*xual potency in men up to 51% thanks to the essential fatty acids which stimulate s*x hormones and increase blood flow to the genitals.

If you are afraid of aging, you should eat at least 5-10 pistachios daily. They represent a natural Botox, because they contain numerous antioxidants in their structure.

To avoid overeating, buy pistachios in shell and count them as you open them. Thus you will enjoy their consumption even more.