The mineral which offers antioxidant, residential or commercial properties is manganese. This is a mineral which is also essential for healing wounds, bone advancement, metabolizing carbohydrates, cholesterol , as well as amino acids.

It is also effective for healthy and strong bones, and it is a key to absorption of vitamins like B and C, which are needed for the brain health, as well as for preventing cancer.

If the amounts of this mineral are low in your body, you can notice some of these symptoms:

– Lightheadedness;
– Vomiting;
– Queasiness;
– Weak point;
– Hearing loss;
– Week nails and hair.

But, if the cases are extreme, it can come to sight loss, paralysis, seizures, as well as infertility. In order to avoid the damages that low manganese causes, we will present you some things that you will need to incorporate into your diet.

1. Seafood

There are a lots of kinds of seafood which are rich in manganese, and some of them are mussels, clams and crayfish. Seafood is also rich in B – vitamins, omega -3, as well as vital amino acids.

2.Nuts and seeds Amongst the greatest sources of manganese are: hazelnuts, pecans, walnuts and macadamia nuts. Nuts also consist of fiber, are abundant in vitamin E, as well as copper and magnesium.

3. Spinach

Some of the healthiest foods on the planet are dark green leafy veggies, such as spinach. Just one cup of spinach has more – entire grains. In order to get a healthy dose of manganese in your diet, there are a lot of benefits of consisting a whole grains.

4. Brown rice, oatmeal, bulgar, quinoa, and millet are powerful in decreasing the danger o diabetes type 2, as well as heart problems and several kinds of cancer.

5. Tofu and tempeh

This are typical vegetarian meat- substitutes, which are healthier than you think. When it comes to manganese, tofu is an excellent source of calcium, copper, iron, and omega -3.

6. Lima beans

Lima beans are extremely effective for promoting good health, together with chickpeas, kidney beans, black – eyed beans, as well as white beans, because they are high in fiber, magnesium and vitamin C.

7. Black tea

Maybe the simplest and easiest way for getting enough manganese in your body is by consuming black tea. It is also beneficial for our bones and heart.


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