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Nail Biting Is A Sign Of THIS Personality Trait!


A new research has shown that anxiety and nervousness are not the cause of nail biting, but frustration.

It is believed that individuals that develop this habit may be perfectionists, which means that they aren’t able to perform and relax just like everyone else does.

As a result, they are prone to impatience, dissatisfaction, and frustration when they don’t achieve their goal.

The research involved 48 participants that engaged in repetitive behaviors like the nail-biting habit.

They were all given surveys designed to test their organizational behavior, and the results showed that the 48 nail-biters were identified as organizational perfectionists.

The nail-biting habit helps this type of people to cope with frustration in the present and helps them release their built up energy.

It might seem harmless but nail-biting can cause infections, weakened teeth, and embarrassing finger deformations.

Watch the video for a few tips to stop biting your nails

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