Home Health Must Read: Only 5 Minutes To Reduce High Blood Pressure Without Medications

Must Read: Only 5 Minutes To Reduce High Blood Pressure Without Medications


One of the most widespread disease in this modern age is hypertension or high blood pressure. It can be connected with  increased alcohol consumption, smoking, salty food, obesity, increased stress and sleep deprivation. At certain period of our lives, everyone of us experiences high blood pressure.

Because of excessive physical activity or stress, the muscles get tense and the blood vessels contract, so the blood pressure increases. So, in order to normalize the pressure, we need to relax the muscles.

A doctor of the Moscow soccer club “Spartak”, named Lu Hun Sen, reveals the secret of the Chinese medicine. According to this medicine, the most important thing is the proper flow to the muscles and tissues. If in some parts of the body appears a stagnation of blood then that point is the starting point of the development of disease. If there is no stagnation and a proper blood flow is provided, then the body will be able to cure the disease quickly. Because of this, the massage of key points is very helpful. In the following few line you can find out more about the key points.

Points 1 – 2

This is more a line then a point.  It goes through the behind of the earlobe to the middle of the collar bone.

You should not press or massage it, but carries slowly instead. Do almost imperceptible movements of the hand from top to bottom, barely touching the tips of the fingers. Repeat this procedure 10 times, on each side.

Point  3

The position of this point is in the part of the face in the same height with the earlobe at about half inch distance from the ear in the direction towards the nose.

Massage this points with your fingertips for one minute on the both sides continually. Push, but not very hard, because it can cause you pain. The direction of the movement is not important. What matters the most is that you feel pressure to a certain point. After doing this simple treatment, your blood pressure will get back to normal.