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A Month Before A Heart Attack, Your Body Gives You A Warning – These Are The 6 Signs


If you want to prevent heart attack, which is the number one causer of death in US, you will need to know how to recognize its symptoms.

The number of heart attacks in US has significantly raised as a result of the unhealthy diet and modern busy lifestyle. Stress, apart from inflammation, can be another causer for heart attack. In order to protect yourself from heart attacks, you will need to lead a healthy lifestyle, without any stress. But, if you know the symptoms of this disease one month before it occurs, you can save your life.

Symptoms of heart attack:

Body weakness

What can cause general body weakness and weakened muscles is less blood flow and worse circulation. This symptom is among the first symptoms of heart attack so you will need to be very careful if you feel it.

Dizziness and Cold Sweats

If your blood circulation is poor, it means that less blood supply goes to your brain. This results in dizziness and cold sweats, a sign that something is not right in your body.

Your body will feel clammy and unwell, so your brain won’t be able to  perform its function properly. This are important symptoms that can point to a possible heart attack in the future.

Chest Pressure

This is another common symptom for heart attack – chest pressure or pain. If the chest pressure increases, the possibility for heart attack is bigger. The pain may spread to other areas of your body, such as the shoulders, back and arms.

Flu or Cold

A lot of heart attack survivors have claimed that they have experienced symptoms like flu or cold. It is good to know this, because a lot of people don’t connect this problems with heart attacks.


This kind of problem can appear as a consequence of decreased blood flow to your heart. If your arteries are narrowed, your heart won’t get blood enough, so it will work harder then usually. If you are feeling tired all the time, talk to your doctor.

Shortness of Breath

This is another sign that you have narrowed arteries and reduced blood flow. So, in this case the lungs won’t function properly because they won’t get blood enough. The heart and lungs work together, so if one of them doesn’t function properly, it will have an impact on the other. This is why shortness of breath may be a sign that a heart attack can occur in near future.

All this symptoms are very important, in order to prevent a heart attack of coming. You will need to lead a healthy, low-stress lifestyle if you want to prevent this deadly condition from coming.

Look at the video below and see the process of heart attack.