What Month Baby Are You? Every Month Tells A Different Story!

Read on, in order to find out what your birth month says about you. You will be surprised by how accurately your birth month describes you.

1. January baby

Babies born in January draw eyes wherever they go. They love showing their fun side by dressing up and are also easily bored. Those babies who are born in January are known for being picky. They never let their emotions to betray them. A January baby is also more sensitive than most, so it takes time to recover when they are hurt. They also have a stubborn side, but are also incredibly down – to – earth.

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2. February baby

Babies born in this month have abstract thoughts. They love truth and abstract. They are also wise and clever. They have covering character. They are attractive and are sexiest out of all of us. They are also temperamental, quite, shy, humble, honest and constant. They are decided to reach their desires.

They love freedom and are rebellious whilst restrained. They love aggressiveness and are too touchy and can be effortlessly hurt. They receive indignant truly effortlessly but do no longer display it. They also dislike useless things. They love making friends but they hardly ever show that. They are horny, bold, cussed, ambitious, and have understanding desires and hopes. They are also very sharp, and love enjoyment. They are romantic from the inside but not outside, and are also superstitious and ludicrous.

They are spendthrift and they attempt to study to show their feelings. You should repost this in 5 minutes and you will communicate to a new person and realize that you are an ideal fit.

3. March baby

Babies born in March have an attractive personality which may find sexy. They are amazingly affectionate but are very often shy and reserved at first. They are also secretive, instinctively honest and love to shower those that they love with generosity. They can also sympathize easily. People born in March are also great kissers. Tempers seem to flare quickly with March babies. They are also extremely trustworthy, and when you show them appreciation and kindness, you will have it in return.

They tend not to wear their hearts on their sleeves, preferring to bottle up their feelings. March babies are very observant and assess others. You should repost this now in order to find out who of your friends is also a March baby.

4. April baby

April babies are suave and compromising, funny, cussed and very talkative. They are also calm and cool, type and sympathetic, involved and particular, as well as loyal. They do work well with others. They are also very confident people, sensitive and with wonderful mind – set. They are thinking generous and have accurate memory. Babies born in April are clever and knowledgeable. They love to look for data, are capable of cheering all people up and/or cause them to laugh. They also have the ability to encourage oneself and others as well. They have great knowledge and are amusing to be round. Those people are also outgoing, hyper, have bubbly personality and are secretive. They are crazy for boys/women. April babies also love sport activities, track, entertainment and touring. They are systematic as well.

5. May baby

Babies born in May are stubborn and unemotional. They have an extremely strong will and are fiercely motivated as well. They are also sharp as a tack but easily enraged. Babies born in May attract others and revel in the attention and are also deeply emotional. They are beautiful from the inside and outside as well. They always have a firm standpoint and motivation is never lacking. Babies born in May are often shy towards the opposite sex. They can be very easily comforted and also tend to be left-brained (systematic). May babies are also dreamers, understanding and have strong clairvoyance.

Sickness is not an issue for them. They have vivid imagination and are also sporty. Mainstays for babies born in May are literature and the arts. People born in May also love traveling and are restless, so hate being at home. May babies are also hardworking and high – spirited as well. You should repost this in order to discover who of your friends is also a May baby.

6. June baby

If you are born in June, you were given the pleasant persona and are an absolute pride to be around.

You also like making new pals and be outgoing. You are also a high – quality flirt and you possibly have a totally appealing partner. You are a depraved hottie. You also have a terrific preference in movies, and may at some point end up a famous actor/actress yourself – heck you have got the looks for it. In the next six days, you will meet some person which could probably come to be one among your closest pals, in case you repost this for about 5 minutes.

7. July baby

Babies born in July are fun to be around but have a secretive side. They are difficult people to read and are not always understood. You can only notice their presence if they are excited or tense. They take pride in their appearance. Those who are born in July have a reputation. They are also easily consoled and honest. Babies born in July are tactful as well as concerned about people’s feelings. They are very friendly and approachable. Emotionally, they can be temperamental and unpredictable. They are sensitive, and because of that they can become vulnerable. They are witty and have shining personality.

They may also be accident – prone. There is not a revengeful bone in their bodies, and they also forgive even though they rarely forget.

Babies born in July dislike nonsensical and unnecessary things. July babies guide others both physically and mentally. They form opinions carefully. Those born in July possess caring and loving qualities. They treat the other people as they would wish to be treated and also have a strong sense of sympathy. People born in July are wary but sharp as a knife. They also tend to judge others based on their observations and are extremely hard working people. Studying comes very easily for July babies.

They love being with friends and they always let friends to come to them rather than go looking for them. They are not aggressive people unless they are provoked. They love to be loved. You should repost this in order to discover who of your friends is a July baby as well.

8. August baby

Babies born in August have outgoing character, take risks, feed on interest, no self – control and kind hearted. They are also self – confident, loud and boisterous. They are very revengeful and easy to get together and talk with. They also have an “every element’s peachy” mind-set. They like speaking and singing too. They love track, they are daydreamers and effortlessly distracted. They hate when they are no longer being relied on and they also have massive imagination. They like being cherished, and they also hate studying. They are in want of “that someone”, they want freedom. They are rebellious whilst withheld or limited. They live via “no pain no gain” being concerned. July babies are continually a suspect, playful and mysterious, “charming” or “stunning” to everybody. They are also cussed, curious, independent, sturdy willed and fighters.

9. September baby

Babies born in September are always on the go and dynamic. They decide on the spur of the moment, but later tend to regret their decisions. They are attractive people and also take care of themselves.

People born in September have a strong mentality and crave attention. They are diplomatic people, and friends always turn to them because of their consoling, friendly nature, as well as their ability to solve people’s problems. They are also brave and fear nothing owing to their adventurous side.

Babies born in September are loving and caring. They have overwhelming generosity and typically have a lot of friends. They are passionate lovers. Those people who are born in September are also emotional and stubborn as well. They also move fast and have an excellent memory. They always motivate others because of their own incredible self – motivation. Traits of the September babies are always travel and exploration. They are sexy sometimes, but only in a way that their lover understands. You should repost this in order to discover who of your friends is also a born in September.

10. October baby

October babies love chatting. They also love people who love them as well. They like taking matters at the center, inner and physical splendor. They lie but do not pretend. They receive irritated regularly and treat friends importantly. They are also courageous and fearless. They are making friends constantly. They are without problems, and they get hurt but recover without problems. They are daydreamers, opinionated, and do not care controlling feelings.

11. November baby

Babies born in November are fiercely trustworthy and loyal. They are very passionate people and have a wild side. Those people who are born in November have no inhibitions and therefore know how to have fun. They are also both – sexy and mysterious. Everyone is drawn towards those people’s inner and outer beauty, as well as towards their self-sufficient personality. They are playful, but also have a cheeky, secretive side. Sometimes, they can be fireworks. Meeting new people does not pose any challenge to November babies, and they are very social in group surroundings. They do not have any issues holding their own in an argument and often stand out in a crowd. Babies born in November are brainy and usually and they are the best guys. The best partners are also born in November, thanks to their one-of-a-kind nature. Repost this, in order to discover who of your friends is also a November baby.

12. December baby

Babies born in December are the maximum handsome man or women, they are better than all of those from the different months. They are also loyal and generous, patriotic, aggressive in the whole thing, lively in video games and interactions as well. These people are also impatient and hasty, ambitious, influential in companies, clean to speak to, although are hard to recognize. They can be easily motivated with kindness. They have a plenty of thoughts, touchy, lively mind. They are hesitating, choosy and constantly desire the exceptional. They are also funny and temperamental people, and love comic stories, and have precise debating skills. December babies are talkative, daydreamer, pleasant and are aware of the way to make buddies. They are lovable, without difficulty harm and are also at risk of getting colds. They also love songs.

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