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Mom Buys Homeless Man Breakfast, Then He Slips Her A Note With A Shocking Confession


Lately, there are a lot of doom and gloom stories that make headlines around the world, so by this, it is very easy to conclude that the world is going to hell. However, we also think that there are a lot more inspiring stories in the world nowadays, but all we need to do sometimes is to look around.

Let’s take a look of one case that we will present you in today’s article.

One mother, named Casey, recently went to grab a breakfast and Dunkin’ Donuts and she noticed one homeless man who was bagging for food and money as well. The mother could have been like all the other people there and she could just ignore him, but she has done something opposite of that, which was literally life – changing.

She has also shared her story on Facebook and it has gone viral with more than 120,000 shares… That was for good reason, too!

In the lines below, you can read the incredible story:

Casey describes how that day, she went to Dunkin’ Donuts and saw one clearly homeless guy, sitting on the side of the road and picking up change. She has eventually seen him stroll into Dunkin, as he was counting his change, in order to buy something. Then she began to feel supper annoying and she also talked to him over and over again, even though the man didn’t really want to talk.

Since the man had maybe $1 in change, she bought him a coffee and bagel and asked him to sit down with her. Then he told her a lot about how people are usually very unkind and mean to him, as he was a homeless man, as well as how drugs turned him into the person he is today and that he hates. He also lost his mom who had cancer, he never met his dad and he said that he just wants to be someone his mom would be proud of (along with another hours, worth of conversation).

Casey said:

“This lovely man’s name was Chris and he was one of the most honest and sincere people I’ve ever met.
After realizing I really need to get back to class, Chris asked me to wait so he can write something down for me. Handing me a crumpled up receipt he apologized for having shaky hand writing, smiled, and left.”

When Casey opened the note, she read the shocking confession. And here is what he wrote:

“I wanted to kill myself today, but because of you, now I don’t want to. Thank you, beautiful person.”
Remember! There is no need of a million dollars in order to help people when they need it. Sometimes, the smallest gesture of love and honesty can make the biggest difference. We admire Casey for shining her light in Chris’s life.

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Source: http://www.justnaturallife.com