Men Have A Morning ‘Secret’ That Every Woman Should Know

It seems like men are addicted with having s*x, as they want it all the time.

Or at least that’s the consensus among the general population. This argument has been further proved by the erection or morning wood of men when they wake up in the morning.

But this thing is some kind of difficult for females to understand.

As it is hard enough for them to wake up in the morning in order to start the day, the last thing on a their mind or body is to stay in the sack for s*x.

However, there has been a study by some doctors, in order to find out why this morning wood happens to men.

They have discovered that it is not caused by the woman’s presence or something else, but it is all about the man.

So, the next time when you wake up and see that your partner has erection, you don’t need to feel obligated to get intimate that early in the day. He will be fine and it will just pass for several minutes.

As it is just a part of the life, all men, from all ages wake up with erection.

The morning wood has a medical name, which is nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT). There are a lot of assumptions for the reason why this happens to men in the morning.

There is also a belief that arousal appears as a result of a dream filled with s*xual fantasies.

It may have more to do that guys are not focused or paying attention to their bodies.

The morning wood has been also called a pee-boner, because of the fact that guys just need to pee in the morning, and after that all will be fine.

This is maybe true, but it becomes less and less frequent as men get older, especially when they are in their 60’s and 70’s.

The brain is responsible for controlling our body and its functions. That’s why men can control erection while they are at work, in the gym or on a date.

But, during REM sleep, some parts of our brain are also in a sleep – like state, so this is the reason for erection, as it gives the penis freedom to do whatever it wants.

He’s a total man’s man in the mornings because he’s hormonal.

The level of the testosterone is at its highest early in morning, form 25 to 50%, but as the day goes on, it becomes lower and lower.

The penis of a man, wants to be in total shape all the time, so when the time for doing his work comes, it will be ready for taking action.

There is also another theory for morning erections, saying that the penis is exercising. When there is an erection, the penis is filled with blood, and an extended period of time is needed for holding that blood.

He rubbed up against you, the pillow or the sheets accidentally.
The erection of the penis appears after touching or physical stimulation. So, when the man’s body is pressed against someone or something, that will be the reason for the penis becoming hard.

After receiving signals from the brain, telling the man he is stimulated and ready, an erection comes immediately after that.

Maybe it is true that some men can hold an erection for hours and they brag for keeping it so long, but in some cases it can be very painful as the penis cannot hold so much blood for such a long period.

In order to be more productive during the day, it is important for men to take a good night’s sleep.
How high will be the testosterone level in the morning, depends from how good will the sleep be at night. One study suggests that getting more than five hours of sleep a night can increase testosterone level by as much as 15%.

You may need to start compromising as a couple.
Men always tend to be hornier and ready for taking action early in the morning, while women are more about doing that at night.

When you notice that your man has an erection during the night, then he is not alone.

According to some doctor, men have from four to five erections during the night, and each of it lasts for 25 minutes. You don’t have to wonder why is that so, because it is totally a normal thing.

Morning erection does not discriminate on the male’s age.

Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT), or morning wood, can happen to boys, grown men, as well as to babies in utero.
The erection may be also caused by the man’s bladder.

Another belief is that as the bladder fills during the night, it stimulates an area in the spinal cord causing a “reflex erection.”

Guys do not need to feel any worry or to be embarrassed, because it is something good when getting the morning wood.
Men on average have morning erections about three times in one week, so according to the doctors, this is a sign that their testosterone levels are good and that their overall health is doing great as well.

If you are not working out enough and you are not active, the testosterone levels may get lower.
Men who overtrain will also notice a dip in their hormone levels. So, like everything else in life and in health, you should keep them balanced as well.


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