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Married or Single, You Have To Read This… It Will Leave You Shocked!


It doesn’t matter if you are married or single, you should read this article, as it is about one man that no longer in love with his wife, even though they were 10 years married.

One evening, when he got home, as his wife was serving the dinner, he grabbed her hand and said: “I have something to tell you.” Then his wife set down and ate quietly. He watched her and saw the pain in her eyes, so he was not sure how to open his mouth, but he decided that he has to tell her. He said: “I want a divorce”. At first, she didn’t looked upset, but then she asked him softly: “Why? You’re not a man?”

And that was it. That night they didn’t talked, and she was crying all the time.She wanted to know what was actually happening to him…

He thought that it was something happening with their marriage, but he could not answer what exactly. It seemed that she had lost his heart, and that’s why he had another woman in his life, named Joan. He no longer loved his wife, but he pitied her. Then, he felt guilty, so he wrote a divorce agreement and with that, his wife got the house, the car and 30% of their business.

But, when she saw the agreement, she threw it away. They spent 10 years together, but now they were like strangers. He pitied her for all the lost time, and the energy was not the same but it could also not change. He loved Joan. Suddenly, his wife started screaming and then the idea of divorce was not clear for him. The next day when he got home, he found his wife writing on the table. He did not eat dinner and he went to sleep, as he spent the day with Joan and was very tired. When he woke up, his wife was still writing on the table. But, he turned around and continued sleeping. The next morning, his wife introduced him to the divorce conditions: She didn’t wanted anything from him, but just one more month together before the divorce.

She asked him to live just for a month together, as nothing bad happened. The reason about her request was very simple: Their son had whole month of exams and she didn’t want to bother him with their broken marriage. He has accepted the condition, but his wife had another request: He had to carry her to their room like the day they got married. He thought that she was going crazy, but he accepted this condition too. As they didn’t had physical contact since he expressed his divorce intention, both of them were feeling bad when he took her to the front door the first day. Their son walked behind them and he clapped and said: ” Dad is carrying mom is his arms!” His words provoked the man a lot of pain.

He walked the 10 meters with his wife in his arms, and with her eyes closed she said to him: “Do not tell our son about the divorce.” Then he went to work and drove alone. The second day they were both more relaxed. She leaned against his chest, and he could feel the fragrance of her blouse. Then he realized that he had not looked at her carefully, as she was no longer so young, had some wrinkles, some gray hairs …

These were all signs of their damaged marriage. He thought about it for a moment and asked himself: “What was it I did?” The fourth day, he felt that the affection between them was returning. She was the women that gave him 10 years of her life, he thought. This all continued in the fifth and the sixth day too. He didn’t said anything about Joan.

Every other day, it was more and more easier to carry his wife, and the month was running. He thought that he was getting used to her weight. But, actually, it was not what he thought. One morning, as she was looking for what to wear, she tried so many dresses and non of them was good, they were all big. Then her husband realized that she was very thin and that was the reason why he could not feel her weight load. Suddenly, he realized that he had provoked much pain and bitterness.

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