How Many Triangles Do You See?

The latest brain teaser which is sweeping across the internet is not one of those 3D puzzles or an old image that has hidden pictures within it. No. The latest puzzle which has gone viral involves what actually looks like a high school geometry lesson. But instead of boring people like their 10th grade math teacher did, this puzzle actually get people’s brain buzzing.

While this task sounds simple enough, it is not easy to solve it. You are supposed to identify many triangles are in the image. Just with a simple line illustration like this, how hard can it actually be? You better look twice at it because most people are getting it wrong just at the beginning, on their first try.

Earlier in this month, this image was shared to Quora. Even that there were a lot of smart people congregate, users were scratching their heads trying to identity how many triangles are actually hidden within the image.

You can take a look at the drawing here. Someone just simply took a piece of paper and drew the diagram on it with a ruler and a pen. The image may look simple. It includes a large triangle with other lines dissecting it throughout. The lines connect to form of a grid and divide the image into various triangles. This actually makes it more complicated when you try to calculate how many of them are in the image.

You can count them one by one and mark them off as you do. Or, if you are good mathematician and you can remember your skills, you can simply do the math in order to figure it out. As each row contains six triangles, and there are four line columns you can simply multiply six by four and get twenty-four.

Most of the users of Quora agreed that there are 24 triangles in the in the image. But only an astute, careful observe would actually see the 25th triangle which is hidden within the image.

It is actually in the artist’s signature. Yes, this is a trick puzzle which has infuriated a lot of people online, who spent time counting out the triangles. Almost every person missed the last triangle, which was hidden in the signature of the artist.

For those who had trouble calculating even twenty-four, mathematician Martin Silvertant created a simple diagram to show everyone where the triangles were. Bu even he missed the 25th triangle that was hidden in the signature.

Those online readers are outraged that the 25th is hidden in plain sight. Here are some of the comments which were shared on

“Signature? Seriously? Why don’t we also count the word triangle and call it 26?”

“24 simply. There are 4 horizontal lines as base. At each base 5 triangles made. Plus 4 big triangles. 5×4 + 4 = 24”

“Signature does not count.”

“Simply something. Foolish 25th.Sorry, but it does count!”

Do you agree that the 25th triangle which is hidden in the signature should be count or not? Is that an unfair trick for people to have to uncover? A lot of people think that it is. So, this is the main reason why the internet is furious about the puzzle.

How many triangles did you count when you did it? Did you see the last one which was hidden in the signature?


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